Monday, May 14, 2007


OMG Monday Artday's FIRST EVER INTERVIEW!!!! It is with Chickengirl who has worked for places such as TIME and Nickelodeon. I feel very honored to have been able to interview such a great illustrator!

CHICKEN GIRL (aka Jannie Ho)Born in Hong Kong and raised in Philadelphia, Jannie moved to New York tostudy illustration at Parsons School of Design. After working as a graphicdesigner in children's publishing and textiles, she decided thatillustration was her true calling. Jannie (aka Chickengirl) createshumorous digital illustrations while tending to her chicken friends. Muchof her work and style has been inspired by Japanese packaging and comicbooks. She currently works and plays in New York City.Her website: blog:

How Did you become known as "ChickenGirl"?

Honestly, I don't really remember how that came about! I started to likechickens and many people found out about it. So eventually, people startedto call me that. I ended up getting the website domain and its been "official" ever since!
Is your favorite animal a chicken?
Yes! There are too many chicken figurines and chicken art in my apartmentfor it not to be!
How did you get started as an illustrator?
I've worked as a designer and art director for various children'spublishing companies. But on the side, I was working on my illustrationportfolio and eventually getting some work. Then I got an agent and aftera year or so decided to leave my day job to pursue being a freelanceillustrator full time.

How did you end up working for places such as TIME and Nickelodeon?

I've been lucky in that there were art directors who gave me a chance towork at such great places.

Give us some tips on how to end up working in similar places someday!

I think finding your niche and what you are good at are important. I'vealways done either design or illustration work for kids, so in turn I wasa good fit/ candidate for places that find those skills/experiencevaluable.

Do you constantly have illustration work?

I've learned that with any freelance work, there will be ups and downs.Ever since I made the jump as an illustrator, I've had a good stream ofwork coming in, and very grateful for it. When it is less busy, there arealways other things to do like administrative stuff and personal projects.So I am never bored!

How do you come up with such great ideas for your illustrations?

I think I have a weird sense of humor and there is always something funnyand odd about life to illustrate!

What is your favorite piece of artwork you have ever made?

I love the "busy bees in the office" piece. I was watching a nature showon bees and the idea came to me very quickly. Its great when that happens!

Do you ever Have a creative block? if so what do you do to get going again?

I definitely have creative blocks, but I think that is part of thecreative process. I usually have faith that I will have the solution to acreative problem. Stepping away and coming back to it always helps. Ialso have alot of books I look through for inspiration. And a network oflike-minded people for advice.

Do you get alot of interviews?

I'm always flattered when people want to get to know more about me. Thankyou for this opportunity!

What do you do for fun when you are not working?

I love watching anime and reading manga. I've also been doing alot ofsewing and crafting. There are so many things I still want to try!

Please Visit Chickengirls site to thank her for the interview!


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Yay! I heart chicken girl!!!

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What a great idea, this interview. Thanks bearuh.

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Ohhh... I loved this interview. She is awesome and very kind, too. Thanks Bearuh :)

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Wow! Thanks, everyone!

Thanks, Bearuh for the interview- I am very honored to be the first :-)

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i really enjoyed this! i heart chickengirl too!

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More power to chickengirl! I love reading artist's interviews of other artists.

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I love Chickengirl! She is such a talented girl!

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Great interview!
Awesome artwork!