Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Challenge!

This week's new challenge is:
"hidden message"

Have fun with it everyone!


Richard Cardona said...

I think the winner chooses the new topic (after judging on Sunday is finished). As I just posted this new topic, I hopes that the case. If not i apologize. Mike?

mike r baker said...

No, anyone can propose a new challenge but it is up to me as host to post the challenge. I suppose I didn't make that clear. I'm sorry about any confusion - we are in transition after all. :)

Also, the winner must be posted by me (attributed to the judge, of course). I will write a FAQ page to explain this.

Regardless, great job on both the judging and the challenge! No harm done and thanks!

Richard Cardona said...

Sorry for my confusion. Thanks Mike.

mike r baker said...

No apology necessary! :)