Saturday, August 30, 2008


The challenge word on another illustration blog is "memories".
Broken bits of you and me
This week end is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer. I was prompted to think of all of the things I experienced this past summer. While not necessarily the best memory of the summer, the most unusual occurred on Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer.
Read about that unusual memory HERE on my blog.


Kim's Collection of Stuff said...

This has made me think "wow, summer is over..." Nice work! Are you using prismacolors with pen? I have always wanted to learn this technique.

Candace Trew Camling said...

that story was really funny!

josh pincus is crying said...

Thanks for the comments.
@kim's COS: Here's my drawing process. First, I try to stop the voices in my head from screaming. Then, I draw a sketch in pencil. When I am satisfied with my basic, very rough sketch, I ink it with various widths of black Micron pen. Then, I erase my pencil lines and, if I feel the drawing should be in color, I use Prismacolor markers, a couple of Sharpies and a couple of color Microns. Then, I scan my drawing and enhance the color and shadows a bit in Photoshop. Then, I upload it to my webserver and have something to eat.

Kim's Collection of Stuff said...

Thanks for the technique!