Friday, August 29, 2008

Trick or Treat - IF, Memories

Hi, everybody. Haven't posted in a while. Not sure what I think I'm so busy with... Anyway, just sold this painting last week; it fits the bill for Memories, Illustration Friday's new category. Here's hoping you Monday Artday folks enjoy the story.
When we were little girls, my sister Judy and I slept over Aunt Joan's house one night. Next day was Halloween, and all us kids were scrambling through closets looking for scraps to come up with costumes. Jeanne Marie seemed much older than us; maybe she was eleven and had her own friends so who cares what she wore. Somebody dressed Donald up as a gypsy, which was particularly disturbing because I don't think I'd ever even seen a brassiere before, let alone on an eight year old boy wearing lipstick and hoop earrings. Michael Francis and I pulled some of Uncle Donny's dirty clothes from the laundry and were instantly transformed into "hobos". Poor Judy, she totally got the shaft. Our mother cut a big hole in a white sheet, so she looked just like a kid wearing a white sheet. Mom was really strict and I guess nervous about us being at Aunt Joan's house in the first place; they didn't have many rules there. Perhaps she just wanted to make sure Judy had her wits about her. In an effort to clear things up, Mom wrote B-O-O! across the front of the sheet in brown eyebrow pencil (after she was done with Donald's makeup, I guess). Whenever I look at this painting, that's what I think about.

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