Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grimm's Snow White... with a Twist

An excerpt from Snow White, my revised edition.

“Snow-White peeped from her window and said, “Good day, good-wife, and what are your wares?”

“Apples, my dear, deep red delicious apples.” answered the woman. She held up a gorgeous deep red apple. The old woman proceeded to cut the apple with her knife and as she did the juices came dripping from it.

“Surely I might let this honest old woman come in?” thought Snow White, and unbolted the door.

“Dear, dear, what a beautiful child you are,” said the old woman; “come and pick the apple of your choosing.”

Snow White had no suspicious thoughts, so she bent over the basket of apples trying to decide which she should take. As she was doing so, the old woman took her knife and stabbed Snow White in the stomach. Snow White immediately fell to the floor and as she took her last breaths, the old woman began to transform back into the Queen. She sat at the table with her basket of apples and poured herself a drink. “Now,” said the Queen, basking in the glow of the warm fire, “I am once more the most beautiful lady in the land!” The Queen, hungry from her transformation, took a bite of one of her apples. Only after she swallowed the first bite, did she remember the poison in which she dipped her apples...

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josh pincus is crying said...

I liked the part about stabbing Snow White. I also like the "Oh Shit!" look on the woman's face.
Nice moody illustration and great story.

helen said...

Very good - both the story and illustration.