Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SFG - Yummy

I love life, and I really love cake! Some days, not necessarily in that order. I called this painting Love Layers because I've been thinking about the five distinct roles I play in my life (daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother) and how each function overlaps and influences the others in interesting ways. Somehow I manage to remain myself; all the facets of who I am shine through and help me be the person I need to be for the most important people in my life. These folks are a unique combination of the best and worst qualities I possess, which must explain why few people can make me as furious or delighted as my mom, husband and kids. Ha ha! I take responsibility for my relationships. I have learned to respond rather than react when problems erupt. I try to follow my good feelings when I make decisions; the results are universally positive. What a sweet and simple recipe for a very happy life!

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