Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tea Time

My mom drinks roughly 75 cups of tea a day; morning, noon and night - tea is happening. Seven or eight cups just to get going every morning, a couple more with her breakfast pills and a vitamin. The kettle screams with alarm at the very sight of her. Water is always boiling on the stove; she's ready in the event women go into labor while they're at her house or should they request tea between contractions. It's unclear whether Mom is eating any real meals during the day. I busted Mom and Daddy parked at the end of my street a few weeks ago, nibbling Chipwiches in the car around lunchtime; she had some chocolate on her face. To date, I don't think I've ever seen anything more adorable. Mom has no idea why her stomach gives her problems, and she can't sleep for more than two hours at a clip. Every once in a while, she'll come at me with a casual medical inquiry. "Mary, did you ever get where your belly feels as hard as a rock and you have a stabbing pain down the side of your leg; then your eyes begin to burn and when you rub them, all you see is fire?" No, Mom! No, I've never, ever experienced anything like that; nor should you! "Oh, well... it's better now. I had some ginger ale and a few swigs of Pepto Bismol; then I went to church and lit some candles for you and your sister. When I got home though, I was so nauseous so I drank forty more cups of tea and had some cheddar Wispread on a cracker. And I also had some TicTacs." After Mom makes my dad's supper, more cups of tea will be prepared and nursed, until television is turned up really loud and napping starts to occur sometime in the evening. Of course, with all that noise and after all that tea, Mom will wake up often to go to the bathroom and replenish her empty bladder with more tea. She may also eat some candy and leftover chinese food. I've learned everything I know about taking care of myself from this woman. I am somewhat reluctant blogging on my mother; I'm nervous that once I start writing about her, I will never be able to stop and I might never paint again. Be that as it may, steep, savor and enjoy a piping hot cup of Mom, just like I do!

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