Monday, October 06, 2008

And the winner is... FrankenBarry!

And the winner is...


Wow! A few really great Schoolhouse Rocks interpretations! K Styles did one of my favorites. Josh Pincus did a HILARIOUS version of interjections! Josh (musarter) and FrankenBarry both did awesome editorial versions of Just a Bill... I was completely torn, as both deserved to win. In the end, I chose FrankenBarry. Fantastic work, FrankenBarry! Emensly expressive, beautifully done, and very funny.


Josh (musarter) said...

Thanks for the props. I must say FrankenBarry's was great and more appropriate for our countries current situation.

Congratulations Mr. FrankinBarry.

FrankenBarry said...

Thanks, I was a really fun theme! There was some great work done on this week, so it's a real honor!
Thanks again, Josh! Great "Bill" cartoon... nice take on the DNC/GOP mascots!