Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do These Come in Pink?

Walking in high heels ranks right up there with leaving the house not wearing my glasses. Might as well just confiscate my car keys and call me a cab because I'm not going anywhere without hurting myself in the process. Some women make it look so easy! They drop the kids at school, rush from the subway station, zipping up escalators on their way to board meetings. They sniff and buy organic produce, run for president and kick through puddles holding umbrellas while giggling. I can barely maneuver through a store wearing a big coat without knocking something over. You won't find ice skates or a surfboard in my closet, either. I'm just not natural athlete material. If I drop a little gift on somebody's porch and ring the bell, I can run pretty fast so I'm gone by the time they get to the door. Not if it's dark outside though; I'll definitely fall. Still, I'm okay with my physical limitations and footwear requirements. Hey, I can paint! I can paint some killer shoes and call them Fierce Heels. Remember these?
Then, I can do it again! Do These Come in Pink? You bet! All this and more, wearing my slippers.

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