Monday, October 13, 2008

IF - Strings

Hi, folks. Here's my entry for a different weekly illustration challenge.
I've been super busy doing really important things; as a matter of fact, I have to go right now and watch this show called 'America's Dumbest Stuff'. My boys are home from school today; we're trying to figure out how to celebrate Columbus Day. Although he deserves credit for his courage, persistence and great vision, Columbus was also a greedy opportunist and brutal slavemaster. So far, I made the kids fold their own laundry; I served water with their lunch. I may just insist they come with me to the pharmacy in a little bit to pick up my husband's Lipitor; that sounds grueling. I'm pretty sure that's all I got as far as honoring the discovery of the new world. Anyway, commercial's over... Ta for now!

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