Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Feeling inspired

Good Morning World!

I wrote this last night...

What wonderful news for us and for the world!


And not just another president, but one who can become a GREAT President.

One who will change the American people, and also inspire the world.

One who can actually give an intelligent and eloquent public speech, full of hope for this great country of ours and for a better world.

One who can unite a nation of different people, of different races, religions, ideals and economic levels.

Hope has just entered the American vocabulary again tonight, with no trace of cynicism.

I am so proud to be an American tonight. I am so proud of my new President.

I am proud to be American in this historic time of change and hope.

Love, Peace, and Hope, to you!


Kstyles said...

Beautiful!!! I couldn't agree more.

R.E.II™ said...

Thanks for this great post.

Lucky you, it must feel as though you have awoken and found yourself in another/new country. Change is a good thing but I hope the opposition and congress would not hinder the work ahead. I have followed the election with passion although a little bit repulsed by the references to being the first Black American president. What does that mean? Skin colour only matters when people make it matter. I hope the media will stop making it matter. Love, peace and hope to you too.

btw: I am really impressed by what you are doing here.

R.E.II™ said...

Oh, excellent illustration, wonderful

Richard Cardona said...

Thank you. I keep thinking about what a unique turning point in time this is. It's truly remarkable. The world has changed, and I feel I am finally living in the future. A new era. I know that sounds corny. But somehow it's really much easier to imagine living in a world of peace today. Thanks.

mike r baker said...

I have never been more inspired and hopeful than I am now. I never thought a politician could make my heart soar and bring tears to my eyes. I know Barack Obama will not change the world overnight with his plan, but he has changed the world forever by just being elected - faith has been restored.

r.e.ii: Being the first black president actually is very significant. Our African American youth had little to hope for beyond sports, rap, or gangs. Obama has shown them that there is no limit to what anyone can do, regardless of color. That's the "American Dream" - and now anyone can dream and know their dreams are possible.