Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ozark Autumn

Ozark Autumn, by Mary Stebbins Taitt, in Willie's Mole. After "Shadow
Light," by Robert Rohm. (I could not find a copy on line to link to.)
This is the last of the sketches in Willie's Mole. I worked on it
for more than two weeks. I had to change the date. I had writtten
10- -08, planning to fill it in when I finished [I wanted to not fill
the signature area with too many dots until I'd signed it], but I
didn't finish 'til 11-07-08. I was horrified when dampness from the
one after this crept through the paper and blurred some of my
carefully made dots. Aieee! I repaired it as best I could. I have
included a detail. This is a 5 x 8" mole, so the whole picture is
about 8 x 10." I used a variety of different pens becasue I have NO
set large enough to contain all the colors I need. The different pens
make different dots. I hope it arrives safely back to Willie! (And
that he likes it).

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