Monday, February 09, 2009

Cliff Hanger

Minnie “Boom-Boom” Mahoony was the world’s greatest juggling, sword - swallowing, tight - rope - walking, daredevil of the 1890s. She was also known to wrestle gators and climb skyscrapers. Rumor had it that she studied under Houdini, learned martial arts in Peking, and worked as a spy for the U.S. government. While flying biplanes in WWI, she disappeared somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle.

The Cliff Hanger challenge ends February 16th. - Mike (your host)


FrankenBarry said...

Great illustration – solid composition, nice use of texture! You should do another with Boom-Boom wrasslin' a gator!

André said...

Mike, you talented bastard!