Monday, February 16, 2009

Greek Myth

This is my first post. Enjoy!

Centaur, Chiron
Watercolor, 8x10

Chiron was known for his exceptional goodness and wisdom. He was the only immortal centaur. He became the tutor for a number of famous greek heros including: Achilles, Aesculapius, Actaeon.

Despite his immortality he was to end up dying. A fight broke out between Hercules and the centaurs over a bottle of wine. Chiron took no part in the fight but, was accedentally wounded by Hercules. As an immortal Chiron could not die but, lived in terrible pain.

Chiron then chose to trade his life for the release of Prometheus.

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Josh (musarter) said...

Welcome to MAD. Insightful story and illustration.