Monday, March 30, 2009

And The Winner Is... Aeneadellaluna!

The winner for the "My Little Pony" challenge is:


Congratulations to Aeneadellaluna. I chose Aenea's "My Little Pony" as the winner. Aenea's lovely little vector-drawn pony was as focused on the spirit of the Little Pony brand as could be, with sincerity and not a trace of irony. Well done.

I admit, I was most entertained by all the hillarious versions of ponies (Godfather scene with Papa Smurf, Little Pony glue, etc.) and there were many that deserved a win. As always, I judge with hat in hand and hope that everyone has enjoyed the entries as much as I have.


Pascal said...

Congratulations Sara!

Gregory Gunther said...

Congrats. I loved your pony illustration.

aeneadellaluna said...

thank youuuu all :)