Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Attempt at a Caricature

Ever since I've gotten into art, I've scoured the internet for professional artists who could kindly give me advice on how to improve myself in this area. They've all given me great advice, and I was able to take that advice and build a beginning foundation from which I could start from. A general point of advice that artists gave me is to step outside your comfort zone and work on things your bad at. The main elment that sits outside my comfort zone is realism, so I've decided to finally tackle this little monster and bring him down for good. I'm going to do this by taking it upon myself to draw a caricature of random people that I admire and catch my attention. This man I drew is Bill Maher, a political satirist and T.V. personality whose brutally honest views have always provided me major entertainment.
Let me know if you like it, and again, I'm open to any advice or suggestions any of you are willing to give.
Have a Goodin'!
Nick Fechter


Gregory Falta said...

Hi Nick, if you want to tackle realism, i don't think caricatures are the way to go. Try figure drawing, portraits or even still life. Drawing from observation is key. Just my thoughts, hope it helps.

Josh (musarter) said...

I agree with Gregory. If you are up to it, take a Life Drawing class for a couple semesters at a community college or find a group that does life drawing sessions. I found this to have the most profound change, for the better, in my own work.

Also, draw everyday no matter how hard or painful it may seem. Personally speaking, when I look back on my older work I realize there was initially very little quality time, but whole lot of quantity time to get where I am now.

I hope this helps.

On the drawing-
Pros: I could recognize who it is which is an accomplishment and compliment.
Something to consider: I would refine my pencil or pen drawing before moving into computer assisted drawing.