Monday, March 23, 2009

Solaris the Destroyer--Hi! I'm New!

Hi, my name's Nick Fechter and I'm a seventeen-year-old student who attends Neville High School. I've been striving greatly to improve my talent in art ever since I've asked the Editor of my school newspaper if I could create a comic strip.
This little piece of art is a super villian that I made up one day. I also have a webcomic (of sorts) online which you can visit by clicking the following link:
I'm open to any advice, suggestions, or commentary that your willing to provide. My hope is to one day to become as successful and talented as all of you :)
Have a Goodin'!


mike r. baker said...

You are more than well on your way, Nick. Great stuff!

josh pincus is crying said...

Hey Nick,
My one and only suggestion to you is "Never apologize for your work. Never."

Best o' luck!

Pascal said...

Hi Nick, nice to see you here!

Nick Fechter said...