Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm Making Headway, And At The Same Time, I'm Not Making Headway

This is the some dude's head that I drew from scratch on my quest to tackle realism. Please tell me if you like it, and again, if you have any suggestions or advice you'd like to give, I'm all ears :)

Sadly, I won't be able to enter into the Old West competition on time. This really dissapoints me because I had came up with a really cool idea, but technical difficulties have prevented me from finishing the artwork. But I am going to enter the bunny competition for sure this time, and I'll post the Old West drawing after I'm able to finish it even though it won't count.

All the Best,
Nick Fechter

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pat said...

Nick, one thing I suggest is to look at your drawings in a mirror. You'd be surprised at the things you see that you can't normally.
Another is pick up some books that featuring drawing the face. I have some ancient books published by Walter Foster that have some really good tips on drawing the human head and it's features...doubt if they are still in print but who knows. Anyway, they helped me.
You have talent and desire and you are young...if you stay with it you will do well.