Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Little Gift for all of You

Two days from now, I'll be leaving for Asia.
I've created A Traveling Paper Doll just for you:

I used to play and make my own paper dolls when I was a kid . I still enjoy making them for my daughter Bianca to amuse herself during long trips. Now that I will be flying solo for the first leg of my trip to Singapore and Bali, I have to amuse myself for the long flight by:

Drawing...... Journaling.... finishing a draft of a picture book dummy I'm working on:

Stretching and Walking around the plane ( when there's no turbulance):

Chatting with friendly passengers (I always meet interesting people on board) :


Watching lots of Movies, ...

Listening to good music....Drinking lots of water so I don't get dehydatred......

and of course Reading.....

Here's my travel reading list:

See you on board!

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