Friday, April 17, 2009

My Illustrations

Here are some drawings of various creatures that I've been working on for the past couple of days, and I thought I'd just share them with you.

I also would like to have an opinion from anyone who would like to give it on this particular question: What looks better, drawing with black borderline or no black borderline? I think the black borderline creates a better effect, but I'd still like a few more opinions from other artists before I make this ultimatum.

All the Best,

Nick Fechter
UPDATE 4/19/09:
Here are two more illustrations that I did utilizing the marker tool, which I've discovered to be surprisingly convienient because it can color over a borderline without destroying it, allowing me to make these two mush faster than I could've a few days ago. I've really taken to heart a piece of professional advice that says to draw something every day, and even though it can prove a challenge to find time to do that, I find that it really allows me to brush-up on things such a figure-drawing and basice shape. If you have any opinions or advice you'd like to give me, please don't hesitate to ask.
All the Best,
Nick Fechter


josh pincus is crying said...

I see that you ask for suggestion in a lot of your posts. Here are my suggestions:
1. There is no "better or worse" in art.
2. Don't listen to another artist's suggestions. We're all in the same boat.

You have some great work.


Jo Fong said...

here's something to complicate matters: try a dark but coloured line eg on the dragon instead of a black line try a dark brown/orange line ;)

and let there be no ultimatums in art!

simoart said...

I love your dragon. It is cute. I think you are a great artist. Keep up the good work.

Nick Fechter said...

Thanks guys, I don't know what I'd do without all this professional advice :)

Josh (musarter) said...

Using a black contour line or using no line is really a matter of preference. Traditionally, cartooning almost always includes some outlining. Not using a dark lines can have a more painterly or realistic feel.

As far as developing skills I would suggest drawing from life, or observation, and learning some anatomy for character design. I think the style you are trying to achieve would greatly benefit from practicing in these areas. This is just a suggestion, for better or worse.

I like your use of color and I see that you seem to be developing as an artist.

FrankenBarry said...

Good stuff! Imaginative, and fun character design. He's pretty cartoony, so I'd go with a contour line to help define the shapes on the red faerie. Keep asking questions, most of us still do no matter how long we've been at this. Studying the work of artists you admire will answer many of those questions.