Friday, April 10, 2009

Peter Rottentail

I posted this back in October for the "Zombie" theme... thought I'd repost for the "Bunny" theme and the holiday weekend.

It's Zombie Bunny Day... don't forget to leave out some rotten carrots for the Zombie Bunny, kids!

A layout for an animation I did last Spring. Here's a link if you wanna check it out:

Zombie Bunny Day

© 2008 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory


Nick Fechter said...

I love this! Although I can't imagine what kind of diseases are in that bunny's basket....

kerrie said...

Too funny. Sick … but funny. I love zombie stories and even have a few books of zombie short fiction. I would have loved to see this one's story in there.

Gregory Falta said...

This is hilarious. I love the organ dangling out of his torso.

Also, thanks for the nice comment on my blog.