Friday, May 01, 2009

My English Teacher

This is a portrait of my English teacher that I made for a website that my Poetry Club is making, this was probably my first real attempt at painting a realistic drawing. How do you guy's think I did? Any advice or opinions are welcome as always.

All The Best,
Nick Fechter


Dam Ferreira said...

very beautiful your designs

LĂșcia Russo said...

Hi Pat,
I like this portrait very much.
The eyes are awesome.
Good work.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. Great job on the furrowing of the brow expression.

NightenGail said...

That's a great job for a first realistic portrait. I love the detail on the shirt.

I'm still trying to learn to draw faces better, but my only suggestion would be to add a slight curve to the lips next time. I think of all the things, they're what flatten the image the most.

RedRobotMonkey said...

Soul Patch FTW.

Nick Fechter said...

Yes, he HAS a soul patch.

Gregory Gunther said...

Great job. Realistic is hard. I think the face and shirt are very well done. Something about the hair doesn't work as well.

Pascal said...

I like it Nick! You are very talented.