Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And The Winner Is... Marcela Vargas!

The winner for the "Birthday" challenge is:

Marcela Vargas (LittleMissMachete)!

Congratulations to LittleMissMachete. I chose Marcela's "Birthday" as the winner for the Birthday challenge. Cute, dark, nicely composed with great colors, and captures the theme. Well done, Marcela!

I've written this before but I want to repeat it: The quality of art and the wonderful artists here at Monday Artday constantly amaze me. You are all terrific and inspiring and the reason why this blog is so popular. It's always the hardest thing I do all week to pick a winner. Keep 'em coming, artists!


Nick Fechter said...

Ahhhh I thought I had a chance this time. I tip my hat to you LittleMissMachete, yours was indeed the better drawing :)

Eulalia Cornejo said...

Congratullations Marcela!!