Tuesday, August 04, 2009

And The Winner Is... Jessica Ramirez!

The winner for the "Astronaut" challenge is:

Jessica Ramirez!

Congratulations to Jessica Ramirez (Las Noches). I chose Jessica's "Star Ship" as the winner for the Astronaut challenge. Jessica's illustration has a dreamy, serene feel. A beautiful sky-scape of midnight blue, clouds and stars. Her patchwork star-ship drifts through the dreams of a little girl, carrying her. Wonderful work! Be sure to go to her site and check out her art dolls.

Everyone who participated posted incredible stuff - thank you all so much! There's a lot I consider when picking the "winner" (in quotes because I really think you all are winners). I'll make a list later of the qualities I look for. One thing I consider is if the artist has won before - it's a small consideration, anyone can win multiple times (and has), but I really try to recognise the talents of everyone I can. This is Jessica Ramirez' first win. I was torn towards two others that haven't won yet as well - Tilen and TS Rogers. Tilen's design and style is very hip and fun and I loved his star-collector astronaut. And Todd (TS) Rogers is a deservedly successful illustrator and poster designer and his skater astronaut is a fine example. Of course, they weren't the only ones that offered amazing work for this challenge - I just wanted to point them out. So thanks, artists.

I've written this before but I want to repeat it: The quality of art and the wonderful artists here at Monday Artday constantly amaze me. You are all terrific and inspiring and the reason why this blog is so popular. It's always the hardest thing I do all week to pick a winner. Keep 'em coming, artists!

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TS Rogers said...

Thank you for the nod, Mike.

Be good.