Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The lineart for this was created in Inkscape and then colored and shaded in Artweaver 1.0 Overall it took about 2 hours. 2009.


bella's squishy noodles said...

so cute! X-]

Gregory Falta said...

This guy is AWESOME! Love the flannel, great design. Thanks for the comment on my wolf!

Marcus Hadlock said...

Great character- great style-

pat said...

Nice seem to be having a lot of luck with inkscape. It's the only program I have (besides Artweaver which have no idea how to use) for computer art.
Sometime when I have a direct question concerning the use of either, I wonder if you'd mind me asking for your help?

Master Nil Esquire said...


Sure. I will do my best to help.

Twitter: masternil

Otherwise you can go to my profile page at and post a note there.

pat said...

Thanks,Nil. Next time I use Inkscape I'm sure I will have a question. I'll go to your profile page. Again, nice work.