Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Bad Loser: Elves

"Tottletwot hated losing at chess almost as much as he hated rats. He was that kind of elf."

Illustrator: Andrew Finnie: From "The Adventures of Tottletwot and Other Stories." Catch me here.   Click for large if you like.


Radka said...

Beautiful blog, photos. Have a nice day Radka.

. justin segal said...

great-looking elves, Andrew! Love the mouse too -- it's one of those things that draws your eye after taking in the elves! Nice!

pat said...


Andrew said...

Thanks very much everyone. I;m new here as you could probably tell!

radka, when I try to look at your blog I get a virus warning comes up from avg

justin: thanks, I'm trying to work in some animals to all my human scenes: add some texture so to speak :)

Pat, I like your pencil work on your blog. Keep it up.

mike r. baker said...

I really love your modeling and lighting, Andrew. Great characters - you tell some amazing stories with your images.