Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Amazing Invisible Bearuh!

I have not completely disapeared.. in fact, I started a new blog and username. You can find my new art ->here<-

I just wanted to stop by and say wow this place has GROWN since I first started it many years ago!! Its Iinsane!! Mike.. you have done a truly wonderful job with keeping this blog running. Thanks for keeping all of the fun going for everyone!


mike r. baker said...

Thanks, Bearuh. Nice to see you and I'm glad to see you're still doing wonderful illustrations.

Is it still "Bearuh" or is it "Squirrel" now or are you using your real name, Summer?

I encourage everyone to visit Summer and if you like exchanging art, join her Monday Artday ATC that's linked here in the right sidebar.

Squirrel Girl said...

Thanks Mike!! Ha... I have no idea what I am going by now.. whatever you want to call me I guess. as long as you dont call me bad names ;) Hey I sent you an e-mail seeing if you would invite my new account to join here. Talk to you later!