Thursday, January 14, 2010

And The Winner Is... Andrew Finnie!

The winner for the "Mystic" challenge is:

Andrew Finnie!

Congratulations to Andrew Finnie. I chose Andrew's "Mystic (Tattooed Lady)" as the winner for the Mystic challenge. Andrew's beautiful 3D renderings have graced this blog for a while now and he was due for a win. His illustrations show incredible detail, color, lighting and mood. His creativity is his greatest gift, able to tell a whole story with a single image. Andrew's Mystic really captured the theme. Hats off to all the other crystal ball illustrators too! :)

I've written this before but I want to repeat it: The quality of art and the wonderful artists here at Monday Artday constantly amaze me. You are all terrific and inspiring and the reason why this blog is so popular. It's always the hardest thing I do all week to pick a winner. Keep 'em coming, artists!


pat said...

Good choice, Mike. Andrew has really been turning out some fascinating work. He has a spot on his blog that gives some instruction into 3D art.

six said...
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Andrew Finnie said...

Thanks Very much Mike and Pat, I appreciate your very kind words enormously. It's a great site, thanks for all the hard work!

cheers for now.!