Wednesday, January 20, 2010


His way of eating and driving are driving his Guardian Angel INSANE!

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Courtney said...

Love the angel! You could do a whole serious of exasperated guardian angels saving the clueless.

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Haha yes that sounds like a great idea... Thanks for your comment!


Great expressivity :D love it too!!!

dthaase said...

ha - that is great

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Hey guys! thanks a lot for your comments as always!! YOU ROCK!

Susan Beth Studio said...

Claudio, Wow, this is fantastic, what a great idea, well done! Unfortunately, this is all too true on our roadways - oh, he just needs a cell phone too!

I like Courtney's idea of a series, would be great! Cheers, Susan

Off to join your facebook fanpage!

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Hey Susan! Thanks for all the nice words! and you are sooooo right... I was involved in an accident caused by a woman eating cereal as she was driving... I guess we both had guardian angels because nothing happened to any of us ... the cars were totally destroyed :(

Thanks for joining... hopefully you'll take part in the contest.

See you there!

Andrew Finnie said...

Beautiful work Claudio, great sense of design, drama, humour and use of the long horizontal composition space

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Hey Andrew thanks for your comment! It is always nice to see you pop up in the comment section and also to see your own interpretation of the topic! wow you are ALWAYS submitting new stuff AWESOME!

Stay Intense!!

bella's squishy noodles said...

i wonder how my guardian angel is feeling right now.
love the facial expressions of the characters!
The guardian angel looks so rattled, while the guy looks so mindless. He's even listening to his mp3!
the pictures are moving inside my head.
your work is great!

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Hey bella! Thanks a lot for your comment!
I hope you angel doesn't feel the same way... it is usually better to keep them relatively happy if you dont want them to quit!


PS your blog's name is super cool!