Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was born in a lighthouse, my mother was the sea
A group of tigers danced with me
A poem of insanity
One time I ate the letter “G”
A poem of insanity
I fought alone in World War III
A poem of insanity
My arms are where my knees should be
A poem of insanity
I live next door to Brenda Lee
A poem of insanity

They’re watching me with ears that see
A poem of insanity
I built the Bridge at Tappan Zee
A poem of insanity
Above the purple manatee
A poem of insanity
I think about a killing spree
A poem of insanity
And eating crackers with baked brie
A poem of insanity

Once I wrestled big John Wayne
And then I flushed him down the drain
A school of fish I’d entertain
While serving them hot beef chow mein
I thought about a town in Spain
Until I was declared insane

The floor is covered with debris
I see my name on the marquee
I’m introduced by the emcee
But no one hears my constant plea
No one’s here, no one but me
And my poem of insanity


dthaase said...

holy cow - pure nuttiness - ha

Andrew Finnie said...

Great stuff, very raw and suits the topic. Wonderful poem too. Multitalented is good.

pat said...

Good drawing and awesome poem, Josh!