Sunday, February 28, 2010


Jose Giammarino

This is fathead Sam Allardyce, manager of Blackburn Rovers and an obnoxious, unlikable fellow. He enjoys spatting out stupid comments and trying to start fights with other managers, particularly Liverpool's Rafa Benitez. But today Rafa got the better of fathead, both on the pitch and in the post-match interview.

"They have a style and they are a team that plays this way under this manager. We won so we they have to be thinking about whether the style is good or not. Some people have to talk before the press conference or after because it is more difficult for them to do a football job.
"I think it is a model for all the managers around the world, their style of football, his behaviour. It is the perfect model for all the kids and I'm sure all parents will enjoy this model and encourage their kids to be the same.
"The style of football, I think, Barcelona are thinking of copying.''

His sarcasm at the end cracked me up and inspired this drawing. I've never really done caricature before, but I enjoyed this and it got me trying to be a little more creative while coloring it digitally (normally I just use flat colors and a little shadow).

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Jared said...

Good one Jose!

Susan said...

Jose, just so you know, the above comment is me - I forgot to sign my son out of his google account!