Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Links and Notes of Interest

Just a few things of note here, artists...

Pete Emslie on the joy of doodling.

Julie Jacobsen is posting art tips on her wonderful blog.

If you're interested in using Flash to create comics, Gabe of Big Pants Mouse has a great process tutorial.

Mad Magazine cartoonist and caricature artist, Tom Richmond, has a great blog. Check out his tutorials!

"Rad" is a storyboard artist at Dreamworks and he has a great "how-to" blog.

Check out josefskrhola's photostream on Flickr for some absolutely gorgeous Czech illustrations!

And last, a note to everyone that asks to join Monday Artday... If you are not invited to join in 3 weeks or less, check your spam folder for the invite! If it's not there, email me again and tell me you tried to join once. I invite a lot of people that ask to join that never accept the invitation.


Kevin Mcleod said...

Thanks for posting these links and for taking the time to make a community space for artist's.


. justin segal said...

thanks, Mike! Keep the good links coming — we're all here to keep sharing and learning!

Josh (musarter) said...

Thanks for all of the great links.

Andrew Finnie said...

thanks Mike. You are good!