Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet The In-Laws

"My Parents In-Laws"
Color pencil. 2008.
Hi. Another entry of mine here.. It's a piece that I did for my parents in-laws' 48th Wedding Anniversary in 2008. I really tried to capture their characters by drawing them in their favorite clothing at home or going out. My father in-law in particular has the habit of bringing a camera and a little notebook and a pen sticking out from his pocket, everywhere he goes. They are really a lovely couple and I'm fortunate to have them in my life. 

All the way from Malaysia with Best Wishes to all of you fellow artists/ designers/ illustrators..


Lu said...


Kev_Brett said...

Brilliant. Your work is outstanding!

Beatriz Abel said...

your works and blogs are sensational, my congratulations and admiration