Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Game-walking in the snow ( step by step painting Process)

It's snowing heavily again today and so as a tribute to the weather, 
I created this painting entitled " Walking on a Snowy Day". 
Let me share you my step by step process:

1. I did a rough sketch with pencil on newsprint paper: 
( based purely on my imagination-no photo references or model was used here )

2. Using acrylic and canvas , I started painting the background using
mainly sky blue diluted with Titanium white.

3. Then I continued putting on other colors of yellows and cadmium orange with
bits or raw sienna and white for the skin tone

4. I continue to cover the whole canvas with colors:

5. I continued the painting by outlining all the elements with a brush. 

6. Finally, I painted the snow falling:
Voila! The painting is finished:  total time of work:  3 hours
medium: acrylic on canvas size: 16" x 20"


Josh (musarter) said...

It is cool to see the process from start to finish.

. justin segal said...

nice, Maria! Thanks for sharing your process — it's always fun to peek behind the curtain.

mike r. baker said...

Nice illo and thank you for sharing the process, Maria!

On the right side of the blog near the top is a link that reads "formatting your post" - could you read that? We recently added it. Thanks.

Kirsten said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing your creative process with us :)

Lu said...

I love this and I do am thankful that you shared your creative process with all.