Friday, February 26, 2010


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          This is my first response to Monday Artday. I imagined most people would create images of skiing, ice skating, or hockey, so I decided to follow a different path. I like games and puzzles, so I created a SNOW GAME.

          Every snowflake is supposed to be unique, but in the image above there are two snowflakes that are exactly the same design.  Can you find them?


“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.”
    ---Marie Beyon Ray          

        I could, of course, have created my snowflakes by cutting folded paper (see example, left, of one of my cut-paper flakes) but anyone can cut a paper snowflake virtually at SnowDays.  (It takes a while to load the page, so be patient.) I created about 35 flakes and chose 24 (one duplicated) for my Snow Game.


Rebekah Leigh said...

I love this! great idea and lovely image, would make a good textile design.

Rebekah Leigh said...

How did you put it together? Did you draw them all out by hand?

CJ said...

Rebekah ---as you see on my post, I made the snowflakes at Snowdays. I then printed them (from that website) individually and scanned each of them. The printouts made the flakes look a little gray, so I opened each one in Photoshop, selected a flake and filled it with white, then copied it, pasted it into my new design, then scaled it down to fit into the grid I had made with guidelines. I had to do this for each individual flake. All the flakes were positioned in the same way, so I rotated some of them to make the final composition a bit more interesting.

The background was made in two layers. I made white clouds on a turquoise background using a filter. But the whites were too white and interfered with the snowflakes, so I added a layer under that with solid turquoise and then made the cloud layer transparent. I didn't want just a solid color, but also didn't want the background to be too fussy. I could probably have achieved the same effect by using a lighter turquoise for the clouds instead of white, but by making the cloud layer transparent, I could slide the transparency up and down until I achieved the effect I envisioned.

Snowdays is fun ---actually rather addictive. Click on the link on the post to try it yourself.

Lu said...

I'm just learning Photoshop (slow go—when I take that baby out for a spin I go 10 mph on an open highway and strip the gears); this site once again shows how generous a community of artists can be: inclusive and instructional—thanks

. justin segal said...

really fun idea — love your "different" take on snow games! I'm guessing . . . top right and 4th row left are the same?

Susan said...

These are so beautiful and delicate, what a creative take on the theme, I love it!