Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And The Winner Is... Sorrento!

The winner for the "Caricature" challenge is:


Congratulations to Sorrento. I chose Sorrento's (Maria R. Vallese) "Caricature!" as the winner for the Caricature challenge. Sorrento was happy with the challenge as, she said, caricatures are her specialty. She's right. You should check out her blog. Her Janis Joplin is spot-on - beautifully colored, perfectly caricatured, instantly recognizable, and darn-right fun! I see Maria R. Vallese going a long way as an illustrator. Great work!

Sometimes I look back on the challenge, examining all of the entries, and I weep. I curl up, sucking my thumb, crying like a baby. You artists are all so good, it's so unfair for anyone to have to judge a winner. A few of my favorites were DoodleDesign - Cheeky Kids and Meet the In-Laws - Vicente - Nicolas Sarkozy (excellent and very professional, with classic ink shading) - Doodlestreet - Michael Jackson - and I always love Barry's amazing art - Beatle Beetle - and, of course, our very own Pascal's wonderful work (and incredible volume!).


sorrento421 said...

Ahhh thanks so much!!!! :D

josh pincus is crying said...

I weep. I curl up, suck my thumb and cry like a baby pretty much every day.

Congrats to Sorrento. Love your illustration and your cheese.

Pascal said...


DoodleDesign said...

Congrats Sorrento! I admire your work. And thanks Mike for mentioning mine too.

Way to go Monday Artday!!

sorrento421 said...

Haha the nickname is actually from the cheese, i come from a very heavily populated italian-american area!

Marcus Mientus said...

congratulazione sorrento and to all mentioned.
very good choice!