Sunday, March 21, 2010

CASTAWAY - "Pee-you!" What Earth would like to do with Us!

This is how I picture the Earth when it has had enough of all of our squabbling, environmental abuses and other generally evil/bossy things that humans do.  I know I'm taking liberties with the word "castaway".  But if we all get cast away into the great void then everyone of us will become castaways!

GOOD LUCK, MIKE!  You're going to come through your operation just fine.  There will be a lot of people praying, thinking positive thoughts and visualizing your good health!


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Susan said...

Love your take on this - so true! We just saw 2012 on DVD, and towards the end the pompous bureaucrat (forget his name) says "You may be responsible for the discontinuation of the human race, do you want that on your conscience?" and I said to my family "Go for it, the world will be a MUCH better place!" Anyway, love your piece and how well it's drawn, cheer! Susan