Friday, July 30, 2010

last night i went outside, after a day of dealing with the ex showing up at my house at three thirty in the morning while my grandmother, mother, and cousin (looking after my grandmother for the night), she (the ex)

decided that ringing the doorbell was a good idea.


we had another dialogue that illustrated how things are basically irreconcilable and that apparently i... only focus on the negative.
heh, go figure.

so after she talked at me for the better part of an hour about how she isnt in love with me anymore but still cares, she went home.

and i went back inside for a minute.

then i decided to go back outside and saw the moon hanging low on the horizion.

a harvest moon that was as big as your fist.

or thumb.

its all relative.

here learn something.



josh pincus is crying said...

you should've cut her achilles tendon.

nice illustration, by the way.

patrick said...

nah, im not that mean.

and thanks :)