Wednesday, November 03, 2010

so this is how i spent my halloween.

it started slow, this neighborhood used to be a popular spot to trick or treat, but as the years passed the children grew up and moved on to other things.

this year a new generation of kids took the streets and soon i was pausing the tv every three minutes or so to pass out candy to children who were barely old enough to understand the concept of the holiday.

id open the door and some of them would try to walk in the house, making a beeline for the basket of candy by the door, or each one of them would ring the bell, even after id started passing out treats.
they were cute tho and some of them made me think of the child that i once had in my life.

many of them, well lets say that there were a few exchanges that went down like this:

like i said, cute, right?

see the thing of the night was that traditionally every year my mom hosts the family halloween party, but since the passing of the grandparents get togethers have dwindled and paired with the fact that all the cousins that are of my generation no longer have to resort to begging for candy, what was supposed to be a fun night of drinking laughter and trivial pursuit ended with my aunt and uncle coming over for a quick dinner and then leaving for other pursuits.

then my mom went to bed leaving me to guard the door against witches, spongebobs and quite a few bumble bees.

and then my sister called.

we hadnt been able to get a hold of either sibling earlier that day (as it turned out my mom had written both their numbers down incorrectly, and i dont call them often enough to have memorized their numbers - they switch plans too often and get new ones - so i kept getting this number has been disconnected messages with every attempt) she had rallied and was bring her fiance and my other sis, and they were on their way.

and the night then turned for the better as i got to enjoy their company, my mom got up and we watched the giants smash the rangers until my future brother in law (rangers fan) couldnt take it any more and we put the last harry potter movie on in the ninth inning.

which then was promptly ignored as the photo albums and acoustic guitar mad their appearances.

wine was dunk, stories were told, and my mom at one point said:

followed by a pregnant silence.

and then laughter.

when everyone recovered my soon to be brother in law announced to the room: "thats going into your blog!"

and so it has.
for my first two shots at spent:

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