Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven Samurai (1954)

This is my first participation on monday artday.
Thank you Mr. Mike!
This post is for all those who like samurai more than pirates!


raquelfareleira said...

I can say that this draw has now become one of my favourites between all of your drawings. Furthermore,I can still ensure that the original draw is even better! Keep on drawing so that we can learn from you!

mike r. baker said...

Kurosawa would be proud. Nice work!

Àlex Fuster said...

very nice drawing. Simple but very expresive.

tanja said...

lovely drawing - the line work is grat and the contrast. love the way it's playful line vs samurai trying to look mean.

Pascal said...

Looks cool, well done!

Rui Figueiredo said...

Thanks everyone! You make me feel welcome here in Monday Artday. It is a wonderful blog!
I will try to follow all posts.
Regards to all.