Thursday, January 08, 2015

Let's do our own thing......

Since this blog doesn't seem to be monitored anymore, how about if everyone stops here once in a while to post a new image. Post it and tell us something about it.

Anyone who has a blog or posts to Flicker, Facebook, or any other website, please leave links to the sites where we can find your work.

And stop back here as often as you wish to leave a new image.

If you care to share how you created your image ---whether handmade or digital, that would be great, too.

I created this image for a challenge on the Digitalmania group on Flickr to create an image using a photo of Edgar Allen Poe. Click on image for larger view.

"quoth the POEt"

Stop by to see my images on my blog: ProArtz or on my Flickr pages.

My work is eclectic.  I see photo ops in everything, so I take photos of
anything at all. I keep some of them pretty much as they come from
the camera with a little tweaking. But I also create lots of representational
and non-representational abstracts.  I am a retired art teacher
so I'm just having fun creating art from my photos. Although I currently
have enough photos to last the rest of my lifetime, I try to go out with
my camera a couple of times each week ---not so much in the winter, though.

On both my blog and Flickr pages, I often tell how I created something
using Photoshop CC and/or Topaz filters. I usually begin with my own
photos and go wherever my mood happens to take me. I usually know
what to expect, but sometimes I try something new ---and although it may
not work out, sometimes my experimentation results in something
interesting, different, and wonderful.

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Beatriz Abel said...

Me gusta esta foto intervenida, un trabajo muy interesante, felicitaciones !