Monday, February 20, 2017

Folk Art done in a medium I'm not used to

I apologize for being a week late and I hope it's okay to post.  I haven't posted anything for many years and I thought I needed to get back into this.  It's so fun.  So I took a sketch that I had done with perspective and all that I would normally do and turned it into my version of Folk Art.  Then I chose a medium that I'm really not used to at all:  crayons.  At least not any more.  I used to love them!  Now the thing I forgot about is that crayons have crumbs and they smudge.  That was a particular challenge to learn how to do this without ruining everything.  I have to say that I almost started over with a medium I feel comfortable with but I forged on.  Now maybe true Folk Art wouldn't have a kitty family that owns a dog but I thought, why not!  I hope you'll enjoy my attempt.

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