Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interview with ValGal

The art of Valerie Walsh has been presented in galleries and commissioned for over twenty-five years. Her paintings draw the viewer into a world of brilliant color, dancing buildings and starry skies. Val's work has been reproduced for posters, prints, puzzles, calendars and cards that have been distributed throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. Award winning wine labels grace bottles for Justin Vineyards and custom creations for Microsoft, Fred Segal Fun Style, Habitat for Humanity and the San Diego Chamber Orchestra show her signature style. You can view her range of work at

Have you always been into art?

Yes, I knew I wanted to be an artist or a performer at a very early age.

How did you get started?

I took an aptitude test and they told me that the only thing I was qualified to do was be an artist so I decided that no matter what I would make it work. My very first job was a drawing for a dance wear company that I worked for and I drew a girl wearing parachute pants and it was featured in an ad in Dance Magazine.

What made you decide to paint houses as your main subjects?
Houses are like people, they have faces, hopefully good things going on inside of them, like magic or a glowing light.

What was your first project that you became well known for?
Well I had a publishing deal in the early 80's when the print and poster market was at it's peak and I did a poster called "Strumpeter" it was very popular and I still have people contact me and ask if I created the painting. This was in 1985.

How excited were you?
It was very exciting! I as part of an elite little group of artists that had a publishing deal with Luna Art Inc. It was me, Michael Bedard, Seigbert Reinhard and James Paul Brown. We had annual shows at Art Expo New York and San Francisco. The original sold for a lot of money, I was young and it was awesome!

What are your other favorite things to do?
I love walking, working out, making things, reading, writing, anything art related, laughing and having fun.

Favorite Animal?
Dogs of course!

Do you have paintings of your own house hanging in your house?
No, I like my house to have nothing by me in the main place that I hang out because I need the space to be neutral. I collect barbola mirrors so that is what you will see in my main house and photos and I have a very large painting by Michael Bedard hanging on my main wall and it is fun and happy! I do have a Valerie Gallerie in my downstairs studio that features my art all the time.

Give us some tips to become famous!
Do everything! Draw, print, paint, sculpt and read about it all. Be a good business person too. Make sacrifices to live an artists life. If that means not having a social life/isolation or going without certain comforts you must see that this is your only option. Be of action all the time and have a positive mental picture of what you want your life and art to be. I make art for every price range (cards, calendars, prints, posters,paintings) and did illustrations for business's too. Whatever it takes to make art every day. I would paint no matter what. But once you make the art put yourself out there in every way you can and selling to well known people and known companies helps too.

Do you constantly have work?
Thankfully yes, I am booked until next year and it's been this way for awhile and every day on my walks I think about gratitude.

Do you always have a house to look at to paint or do you make allot of them up too?
I do both. I always have some body's house I am working on and I also make up stuff that has been in my head for years and needs to get out.What is your favorite piece of artwork you have ever made?(please include pic) It is always what ever I am working on at the moment. But of art from my past I guess I would say "Strumpeter".

Do you ever Have a creative block? if so what do you do to get going again?
Yes, but I have so many regular life chores. I don't have help I do my own yard work , bookkeeping, laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. that if I get a little block I can work it out through vacuuming or sweeping up leaves. Also looking at a book, reference materials, old movies and art blogs helps too!

Do you get a lot of interviews?
Not really, I am so private that I don't put myself into the places to be interviewed that much.

What do you think of Monday Artday?
I think it's awesome! I think all creative outlets are grand!!!

How many pictures do you paint within a week?
Usually the Houscapes take a month or two. I can crank out some side stuff like illustrations usually 1 or 2 a week if I'm inspired. But I paint all day every day and when I'm not painting I'm thinking about how I will be painting or drawing something so it's always in and on my mind. It's all like a big puzzle and I'm taking it apart and putting it back together in my own way.

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Ces Adorio said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I smiled from begining to end.

Absolutely beautiful. Everything, the art and the artist.

Catalina Alvarez said...

Thank you indeed Bearuh and Valerie!
Interesting and inspiring this interview!
Valerie's art is plenty of pasion!

Unknown said...

What a GREAT interview of a really great and personable artist!! Thanks so much!

emilayusof said...

Great interview! thanks for sharing. I always love Valerie's works. Her houses are magnificent!

imwithsully said...

Excellent interview choice. Valerie's works are some of my favorites. She always has interesting and beautiful illustrations week after week. It's nice to hear the back stories about our favorite illustrators. I hope you do more interviews Bearuh! Thanks!

valerie walsh said...

I rarely comment on comments but Thank You ladies and Thank You Bearuh for the interview! I was remiss in mentioning my amazing partner and husband John(oops) he is a guiding light, a great critiquer, the smartest guy I know and he books a lot of my gigs! He is so much a part of me that I could never forget all that he does for the Valgal and Ratboy.

Mauricio said...

Congrats Valgalart!

mike r baker said...

Valerie is awesome! :)

I always enjoy your work, Val.

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Ohhh... I love these interviews cause they allow me to know a little more about the nice and talented people I admire from IF such as Val.

She's very sweet!

Great job, Bearuh :D

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i agree with inwithsully great choice for an interveiw Bearuh, a very good read with invaluable advice!

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We love Val!