Friday, June 29, 2007


The Awesome Alexander Blue was kind enough to take time for an interview for us all!

Alexander Blue's work has appeared in magazines, advertising and product. Clients include Target, Venue Snowboards, Egreetings and Revista Colectiva.

What is your favourite medium to work with?
Mixed media - paint, India ink, computers

What is your favorite illustration style? For work, which style do people want the most? .. I can't say I have a favorite illustration style .. if the concepts are good .. I will like the work

What sort of places have you worked for?
As far as illustration goes .. I have worked more MSN, Egreetings, Target, etc

What is your favorite illustration you have made? JPeople

What is the most interesting illustration job you have had so far?
I like editorial work cause I learn about stuff I would never read on my own.

What do you like to do when not illustrating?
Walk around the city, take pictures, hang out with my friends and family, read about science and history, listen to podcasts, travel, learn various things, take my dog for walks, run, exercise, think of product ideas, think of ideas for perpetual motion machines

What was your first project that you became well known for? Were you excited?

I don't consider myself well known ... but I would have to say a job I did for chickadee magazine .. it gave clients a better idea on how my art could be used

Give us some tips to become famous!
Rob a bank while dressed as a dollar bill .. and say you are liberating your brothers

About how many illustrations do you make in a week?
Totally varies .. sometimes I will have 4 in a week .. and other times .. nothing

What is the best part about what you do?
Having lots of free time … doing something creative .. having the time to spend with friends and family … being able to work from anywhere .. a park bench, a cafĂ©, etc

What has been inspiring you?
Being in new places, around new cultures and learning that you can live your life many ways.

How do you currently promote your work?
Postcard mailers, web sites, email newsletters, etc

What do you think of Monday Artday?
I think it’s really great that the illustration/art community is really starting to understand how to use the web and build community.

Was it a hard process to become a well known artist?
I thinking the hardest part about pursuing illustration is that the industry doesn’t pay as well as some related industries … so it can get discoursing if you start worrying about paying bills …

What is the most important thing you have learned when it comes to illustrating?
Probably taking a complex concept and learning how to emphasize the key points with an illustration

Most important when it comes to the business side of illustrating?
Getting good information at the being of the job and save you a lot of time in the long run.

Does all of your work have a story behind them?
Some does .. some doesn’t .. it really depends on my mood .. but a general theme in my work is how much the media influences people and that we need to be aware of this.

Do you usually have one style of work or many? Is there a certain style that works best for you? If so, why do you think it works the best?

I have a two main styles .. one is wacky and colorful .. the other is more culturally influenced and uses more real world textures

Describe your work setting.

I have my desk in front of a window .. I have a huge magnet wall with tons of pictures, drawings, , sayings, and other things from life on it. I am usually listening to, military history podcast .. or music .. lately amy winehouse and modest mouse. My dog, female boxer, is always by my side. I take her everywhere.

What do you so when you run into a creative block?
Yeah .. but I don’t really think of them as creative blocks .. it just tells me I need to be doing something else .. it tells me I am board with art .. go outside, listen to music, go exercise, walk my dog, hang out with friends, eat some good food, grab a beer, etc .. usually when I come back I have no problems coming up with ideas.

How do you decide what you will illustrate? Do you sketch allot?
I sketch a lot .. but my sketches are stickman .. and usually aren’t about art .. they are usually about inventions or perpetual motion machines
Thanks Alexander Blue!
Don't forget to check out his site and tell him thanks! :D


mike r baker said...

Great interview, Bearuh! I love these images! Alexander Blue is one of my new heroes. :)

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Yes, great interview! I love his work.