Monday, August 25, 2008

Monthly Challenge: Portrait II

I have not posted anything in a while since it has been a couple of very busy weeks at work and also a bit of vacation.

This is a continuation of the post Portrait, but this was made while in a happier mode. She is so beautiful you just have to draw her.

I present here four stages of the progression of the image:

First a black and white version of the head

Then a few shades of gray

A bit of color

And finally a bit of texture to make it look a bit more like something from a comic book


Anonymous said...

this is a cool looking technique!

Ulf Borgenstam said...

Thank you :) I am surprised how well it actually worked. The image made a nice personal gift as well :D

Mary Beth said...

Very representative of Lichtenstein! Great work

Lisa M Griffin said...

Really great to see the process. Cool looking pop art appeal. Thanks for sharing.