Monday, August 25, 2008

And the winner is... Sarah Ackerley!

The winner for the 1 Character, 4 Panels challenge is:

Sarah Ackerley

Sarah's hand-drawn varied poses maintained consistency in the character. And that owl was pretty funny too.

Lots of excellent entries for the 1 character, 4 panels theme. Besides Sarah's, I loved Coralie's, Lisa Griffin's, Pascal's, and Reg's. Great work, everyone!

Sorry about this delayed announcement. Monday Artday is back on the ball. :)


Pascal Kirchmair said...

Congratulations Sarah, your entry was very funny!

Sarah Ackerley said...

hey, cool! Thanks!!! But ummm, why when you click on my name under "last week's winner" does it take you to a site called wedgie net? :) just curious..

mike r baker said...

Because I wanted to give you a wedgie? Ahem... sorry. That's Reg's site. Fixed. :)

Reg said...

LOL @ mike's answer! :)

that's probably why i noticed i was getting more traffic than usual. didn't notice that! :P

Congrats, Sarah! Yup, funny entry and I love how you drew the tree! and the colors... fabulous! :) Great job :)

Sarah Ackerley said...

thanks, reg! I love your wedgielicious logo :)