Tuesday, March 24, 2009

old west (part 2)

The current challenge on Monday Artday is "the old west". In addition to my finished illustration, I included my original pencil sketch. (I showed a pencil sketch once before on this post.)
we got a right to pick a little fight
When I did an illustration for "the old west" in 2007, I presented a rather somber subject. This time, I'm taking a more light-hearted route. Well, it has a terrible ending, but there's some fun before I get there.
Read the rest of this story HERE on my blog.


mike r. baker said...

Fun illustration, excellent story.

Josh (musarter) said...

Wow! The long winded story on your blog deserves an award for every character mentioned being in the grave. Nice illustration too.

Can't say I was ever a Banazaa fan.

Jeff Brame said...

Love the illustration, I can see Hoss in that illo so well. Great back story too, I didnt know half that stuff at least.