Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Maria Madonna Davidoff Postcard Art:

This is a watercolor painting I've done based on a story of a Little Girl and a Turtle. It was exhibited at the Society of Children's Book Illustrators 2003 conference in New York City. I was surprised and happy to find out that it won an award as one of the 10th finalist out of 250 submissions.

Here is an article about the award : Maria Madonna Davidoff at SCWBI Artist Showcase

The original water color painting was sold at the exhibit , but I had postcards of it printed professionally and they are available at my shop:CraftyMadonna


The villager: said...

I really like this picture.

jenX said...

congrats on blog of note!

kEvs said...

.hopE i couLd be like you..
.i had a talent but yours is better..
.hAha.congrats for becoming blog of note..
.you deserve it!

Nezzy said...

Congratulations on your wonderful watercolor, I love to paint with them. ' also wanted to give you a big old Ozarks CONGRATULATIONS on blog of note. Ya'll have a super great day!!!

raniaarts said...

Wow! Is that a watercolour painting? Beautiful..

nada complicada said...

It's incredible...Congratulations

Kristin H. said...

I love the turtle.

Lauren Wilson said...

Lovely work! I can see why it was picked. Can I see more of your work?