Friday, September 18, 2009

Nerd (or Geek)

After years of name calling Morton made it his life goal to get access to the button. So don't call him yellow, nerd, or geek; he will push the button. You ask me what button I speak of? I tell you, man, it is THE one.

10.5 x 5.5 Pen and ink, and digital color.

It has been awhile and it is good to be back.


Circus Princess said...

Brilliant!! Beware of the button...

mike r. baker said...

FEAR THE NERD! That is, no doubt, why they get picked on so much.

Fantastic, Josh!

Jutta said...

Good to have you back :) And with such a great nerd.. I love the texture on his vest and trousers. I think he's my favorite nerd.

The Terracotta Doll said...

Ha, I love it.

g33k lov3.


Clifford said...

This is a great drawing.

You've created a totally believable and compelling character, the art is really good and the accompanying text is funny and poignant.

That's what good graphic art is all about.

Really good job.

pixzlee said...

Ha! Love it! Looks kind of like Spock, the ultimate geek hero.