Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tapioca Gamer


My first submission is a quick drawing I did last night in the excitement that I might get accepted. Its the "old me". I think it would be funny if I looked kinda like my grandfather (even if we are not blood related) and walking out of a game store. I'm already complaining about how "old systems are better" so I gave myself an OLD SCHOOL Gameboy with an ear bud that kinda looks like a hearing aid.

Its drawn in normal pencil then outlined in colored pencil and cropped a little cause I almost NEVER actually use the whole page when drawing like that.

You can view my deviantArt and my blog (Solve Unamusement) too, if you wish.


josh pincus is crying said...

I attempted to leave a comment on your blog, but there are some issues with the way the "comments" section is appearing that do not allow me to do so. (No access to the "word verification".) So, I will leave the comment here and perhaps you will see it.

Regarding your post about Disney's purchase of Marvel Entertainment.
Speaking as a stockholder in both Disney and Marvel, Disney buying Marvel is a good thing. Disney is the greatest marketer and one of the largest enetertainment conglomerates this planet has ever seen.
Do you really think that Disney will "kiddy up" Marvel Comics? Did they "kiddy up" Mirimax films when they purchased that entity? I don't remember "Pulp Fiction", a Mirimax release, being a kiddy film. Did they "kiddy up" ESPN or ABC networks when they made those purchases? Monday Night Football and The ABC Evening News are very adult-oriented.
Marvel cartoons currently comprise 20% of programming on Disney's XD cable channel. Purchasing Marvel was a business venture designed to increase Disney's appeal and market share the the lucrative teen and young adult male demographic. While I'm sure there will be some cross-company mingling of characters, I can guarantee that Disney's goal in this (and all) aquisition, first and foremost, is to make money. And a company does not make money by changing what is already a proven moneymaker.

mike r. baker said...

Heh... And welcome to Monday Artday. :)

Breannaaa said...

Hahaha, that's hilarious. Congrats on Blog Of Note!

Dudel said...

Yeah, I'm still working comments out on my blog. Sometimes things "work" and other times, not so much.

But yeah, I don't really "care" and I only think its a matter of money wanting money. I see no harm, personally.

Also: Yes "Ha" and "Heh" would be appropriate for that image. I don't take things seriously.

Also, Also: I am excited to be here and already working on next submission!